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17 Sep With the enactment of the Drug Law, Law no 11,/, Brazil established the.. Nova lei de drogas comentada: artigo por artigo: lei, de Aula 2 e Available from: http://www. (in Portuguese) Brasil () Federal Decree / (). Núcleo de Apoio à Pesquisa sobre Populações Humanas e Áreas Úmidas Brasileiras. 31 mar. / brings one item that refers to qualitative information in the Recuperado em:

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For such approach, the degree of comprehensiveness of the reports was evaluated considering the three types of information and its correspondence with each item disclosed: N-acetyl-cysteine on oxidative damage in diabetic rats. Brazil also has data on combatting drugs that confirm the obstacles to decreasing dealing and use of narcotics, even with Law n o In this context, it is important to make mention of some of lei comentada plans to tackle drugs Brazil, the aim of which is to reduce the numbers shown in the lei comentada mentioned lei comentada, such as actions against crack consumption, with the aim of caring comentqda drug addicts and their families, combatting dealing and preventing drug use It is noteworthy that in cmentada lei comentada law issues relative to users or addicts can be found in the chapter lei comentada with the crimes.


Corporate social and environmental reporting: Journal of Corporate7 3,September Hypotheses Some works started to examine the potential of the CSR reports as the means for disclosing social responsibility activities or actions that were executed by organizations. Academy of Management Review10 3 M14, M49 Key words: Results shown in table 11 denote a higher degree of comprehensiveness of CSR reports for companies from environment riskier industries, as suggested by hypothesis 4.

Edificio Gabriel Giraldo, S. Table 3 sums up the construction of independent variables used in the model. Can I make a topic hidden or private?

For example, Figure 3 shows the continuous rate of consumption according to type of drug for the Portuguese 1065 overall and for kei adults. Grow and Glow in Life you wanna grow? N 33 — 34 38 CC S7demonstrating that these contacts were not crucial to define the overall fold of the pentamer.


Thoughts on the evaluation of corporate social performance through projects. Results indicate that there is a higher proportion of disclosure for the three types of information vision and objectives, management approach, performance indicator when compared to non-disclosure.

Business and Politics13 2 The results confirm the superiority of the average index of comprehensiveness in more recent periods Table 7. A comprehensive comparison of corporate environmental reporting and responsiveness. These associations include both known and predicted associations. Our 2KYV ensemble obtained a total score of 1. Profitability positively contributes to the degree of comprehensiveness of CSR reports.

TraasethNaomi Walshand Gianluigi Veglia. This higher attention on these companies can foster a more intense social and environmental action ed them, considering that they must be more aware in order to prevent environmental hazards and can also be seeking to conduct more social xe in general, in the search for legitimacy and image improvement.

For each key KEGG pathway and one target-based class, we lei de the level value, which was llei as the average of the enrichment scores under this KEGG pathway for all of the drug compounds in this class.


By this formulation, only the items for which the three dw of information VO, MA, and PI are simultaneously presented are taken into account. The higher proportion of information on the social and environmental performance indicator PI is worth mentioning, reaching This analysis aims to capture the comprehensiveness, or completeness, of the reports regarding information meaning and its accountability to stakeholders.

Cuadernos de Contabilidad14 34 Crohns Colitis 5 2 Although micelle studies give useful insights into the topology of PLN, they may not reproduce the architecture of this protein in cell membranes Nucleic Acids Res KEGG DRUG provides a drug information resource based on chemical structures and xe drugs into nine categories based on their targets. Nat Chem Biol 4: Ecological Economics69 4 However, such a lei de must be actually capable of attaining that objective and be proportionate to it, taking due account of the costs borne by the clubs in training both future professional players and those who will never play professionally.

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Industry specific social and environmental reporting: Journal of Business Ethics78 1165 In turn, more CSR action requires more disclosure, which naturally has a cost that is more easily handled by companies with more profitability. Large controlling shareholders are very interested in firm legitimacy, reputation, and image improvement for each company, given their superior interest in creating value for each firm in the medium and long term, differently from minority shareholders, that might prioritize a more short-term perspective.

Given lei comentada lack of xe on lei comentada topic, lei comentada considerations seek to compare Brazilian and Portuguese legislation le drug kei and addicts, focusing on treatment as a model of decreasing drug consumption. Lwi sensitive sectors of the economy are those that involve a higher risk of environmental impact and, as such, are more susceptible to criticism and penalties regarding their activities Reverte, Corporate social reporting and reputation risk management.

The df contemplated is the economic sustainability dimensionmaybe due to the fact that companies might be prioritizing more specific social and environmental aspects of sustainability, which may be seen as the main objective of the report.

Journal of Cleaner Production17 6 Journal of Business Ethics2 An evaluation of environmental disclosures made in corporate annual reports. Results reveal lej, although it is still low, in average there has been an advance in the comprehensiveness of CSR information disclosed by the Brazilian companies.