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Buy ISO PISTON-OPERATED VOLUMETRIC APPARATUS – PART 6: GRAVIMETRIC METHODS FOR THE DETERMINATION OF. TTE Laboratories provides a broad range of pipette repair, calibration and training services, from ISO and compliant calibration to pipette repair and. 15 Sep This part of ISO specifies the reference method for conformity testing of piston-operated volumetric apparatus, whereby errors of.

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Document s cited in this standard.

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How is it different than ISO ? Today, it is the most critical ISO standard for calibrating piston-operated pipettes, burettes, diluters, and dispensers.

Procedures include proper technique for tip installation, pre-wetting, aspiration and dispensing technique, measurement container requirements, required number of measurements, evaporation rate determination and time lapse for test completion. The acceptable ranges of environmental conditions are defined as:.

To be considered valid by ISOpipette measurements must occur in a strictly controlled, vibration-free test environment. Metrology standards make all the difference.

These errors are doubled for multichannel pipettes.


ISO – September

ISO accredited laboratories like TTE are required to verify, calculate and report measurement uncertainty for every calibration. The standard ISO Piston-operated volumetric apparatus – Part 3: DIN Viscosity – Part 2: Calibration certificate of the 86555-6 means. Number of users 1 user until 3 users more than 3 users.

Piston-operated volumetric apparatus – Part 1: However, when an auditor evaluates compliance of a pipette service provider to ISO standards ixo controls, they are raising the bar and promoting standards-based calibration. Density hydrometers for general purposes. Test yourself or your business online. Piston-operated volumetric apparatus – Part 6: This difference explains how traveling or onsite pipette calibration providers can be accredited to ISO but not to ISO Piston-operated volumetric apparatus – Part 865-6 Number of users 1 user.

international iso standard 6

Terms and conditions for Customized compilation of standards Contact us Accessibility. Technical corrigendum 1 to standard ISO The standard characterizes both the maximum permissible systematic error, as well as the maximum permissible random error limits for a device at specific volumes ranging from ,uL. Assessment of uncertainty in the calibration and use of flow measurement devices.

ISOon the other hand, is a very detailed set of standards, methods and controls that a pipette calibration provider must follow to correctly and accurately calibrate piston pipettes. Application of statistics – Accuracy trueness and precision of measurement methods and results Certification of persons Do recognize your skills, register online to become certified. Accuracy trueness and precision of measurement methods and results Minimum Balance Requirements — [Reference: The ISO standard defines a step-wise procedure for generating valid, reliable measurement data.


It details the required methods, test conditions, test equipment, reporting requirements and includes requirements for reporting the required measurement uncertainty values.

Adherence to the ISO standard covers air displacement pipettes and positive displacement pipettes, single channel and multichannel pipettes both fixed and adjustable volume as well as both manual pipettes and automated pipettes, often called motorized pipettes or electronic pipettes. Register online at inter and intra-company training, and certifying diplomas, seminars, distance learning.