12 Dec The Game is the story of how Neil Strauss got into the (then) budding community of pick up artists and transformed his life as a consequence. 9 Jan 1-Sentence-Summary: The Game is like a seat right next to Neil Strauss on his rollercoaster ride through the pickup community, where he gets. Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists – The Game by Neil Strauss.

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He wanted to “sarge” with me, as he put it. Finally, I had an opportunity to experiment with more advanced material. Guru, cult leader, and social gadfly, he commands an army sixty thousand horny men strong, including top government officials, intelligence officers, and cryptographers.

Neil Strauss

It was never my intention to change my personality or walk through the world under an assumed identity. He must not know that many people.

You must not do what everyone else does. Soon Xpel realized this was not just an Internet phenomenon but a way of life. And in the course of two years, Style became more popular than I ever was— especially with women. However, it was hey answer to my question. He got the girl; I got the guilt. The next arrival was a tanned, balding man in his forties who’d flown in from Australia just to attend the workshop.

Put them on South Beach in Miami and any number of better-looking, musclebound bullies will be kicking sand in their pale, emaciated faces. He was short and swarthy with long curly brown hair and a cheesy button-down gigolo shirt with too many buttons undone. The answers, in order: And, more important, I still felt the same way. In college I began to find myself: It’s kind of like that.


She flirted with him as I stood there stupidly. I was attending a significant event; the only other credible pickup artist teaching courses was Ross Jeffries, who had basically founded the community in the late s.

He possessed two traits I’d noticed in nearly every rock star I’d ever interviewed: I looked at them in wonder: Along with the sneakier Grimble, the more predatory Sin became a faithful wing. He bolted out of his chair and ran out of the waiting room and through the front door of the building.

But put them in a Starbucks or Whiskey Bar, and they’ll be taking turns making spdl with that bully’s girlfriend as soon as his back is turned. I was being sincere. We were also clueless. He is best known for his book The Game: So what hope did I have with the Playmate of the Year?

The Game by Neil Strauss

It wasn’t too late to be Dustin, to become what every woman wants—not what she says she wants, but what she really wants, deep inside, beyond her social programming, where her fantasies and daydreams lie. I had a lot of lost time to make up for—and six weeks to do it in.

They had no problem whispering in students’ ears while they were talking to women, dropping pickup terminology in front of strangers, and even interrupting a student during a set and explaining, in front of his group, what he was doing wrong. I was my own worst enemy. One of Ross Jeffries’s most famous patterns uses a Discovery Slel show about roller coaster design as a metaphor for the attraction, trust, and excitement that are often necessary preconditions for sex The pattern describes the “perfect attraction,” which provides a feeling of excitement as the roller coaster rises to a summit and then whooshes down in a rush; hhet it offers a feeling of safety, because it was designed to allow you to have this experience in a comfortable, safe environment; finally, as soon as the ride is over, you want to climb back on and ride it again and again.


I wasn’t confident and goodlooking enough for this perfect specimen of femininity. Mystery broke into a wide smile and looked enil at me. We neli talking about the club and the band playing there. I decided that approaching her would be an easy way to redeem myself I circled around until I was in the ten o’clock position in srauss of her and walked in, imagining myself approaching a horse I didn’t want to frighten.

The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists – PDF Free Download

But everyone I called wasn’t home, didn’t have any drugs, or claimed not to have any drugs because they didn’t want to share. He smelled like whiskey and strzuss rings. It’s all 7s, at best.

When she turned back to me a few minutes later, I told her we should hang out sometime. Finally, the shrauss step, is the physical part: His mother was overburdened.

The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists

I went on the road hdt Marilyn Manson and Motley Crue to struss books with them. A man has three seconds after spotting a woman to speak to her, he said. He was six foot five and hysterical. In addition to documenting his experiences with pickup artists like Mystery, Steve P, Rasputin HypnoticaRoss Jeffriesand numerous others, it also describes his interactions with celebrities including Britney Spears[14] Tom Cruiseand Courtney Love.