14 Jul Difference between 1PL, 2PL, 3PL, 4PL & 5PL! The rise of 3PL in logistics and supply chain is now well evident but how far has 4PL. 5 Mar 3 PL or 3rd Party logistics are simply partner Companies that take care of the logistics services of the parent company. For e.g. If my e retailing company deals in. Third Party (3PL) and Fourth Party (4PL) Logistics: What’s the Difference? accountability of 4PLs is the major differentiating factor between 3PLs and 4PLs.

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difference The enterprise can focus on its core competencies and rely on the 4PL partner to manage the supply chain function for maximum value. As for which one will work best for you, that depends on your business model, infrastructure, budget, and how much control you want over your supply chain. Inventory Management Software for your growing business All your products, customers, orders and transactions backed up, synced and secure in the cloud.

The 4PL company interacts with several logistics service providers to get the supply chain management job done for their clients. Talk about just-in-time delivery. The Warehouse Anywhere system can optimize your inventory per location to ensure stock is on hand in areas of highest demand. We have gained incremental efficiencies year-over-year with regard to the program ramp up — not only from a human resources perspective, but from a technology and telephony standpoint as well.

Generally, 4PL companies have no way of transportation or warehousing, but rather use the transportation and warehousing services of a 3PL company. That same local farm might hire a 2PL to transport their eggs from the farm to the grocery store. Subscribe now Please enter your email address below Join our list to stay up to date with the latest in supply chain logistics. Their active and forward thinking saved time and money while fostering differenve relationships with our retail customers.

What is a Third-Party Logistics Provider?

The services offered by a 3PL company can include all of the above, more, or even as few as one. What is inventory kitting? This includes facilitating the movement of parts and materials from suppliers to manufacturers, as well as finished products from manufacturers to distributors and retailers.

MAI takes great care of all of our shipping needs, so I can focus on everything else that needs to be done.


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The 4PL provider typically offers more strategic insight and management over the enterprise’s supply chain. So, loosely, we belong somewhere in between 3PL and 4PL. Layers of Logistics Explained. Instead, it coordinates those aspects of the supply chain with vendors.

3PL vs 4PL: What are these PLs, Anyway? Layers of Logistics Explained

In this case, the 4PL may manage the communication with the farmer to produce more eggs as the grocery store’s inventory decreases. We are a non-asset logistics provider who provides technology and services focusing on over the road motor freight management, such as making sure shippers pick the correct freight classspecifically offering a TMS with services around carrier relationship and inbound freight programs. The economy of scale can lower prices on everything from packing tape to ocean shipping rates.

When you outsource a significant segment of your business, it can be difficult to switch providers or take the operations in-house if pricing or service levels no longer meet expectations.

In this article, I’ll share my best definitions, compare the differences between 3PL and 4PL, and explain how these solutions can support your unique supply chain strategy. A 4PL can manage the multiplying number of resources that it takes to compete at that level. A 3PL relationship works well when the organization has a solid, high-performance supply chain strategy in place and requires support to execute the plan. However, many day-to-day decisions are out of your hands as you count on the providers selected by the 3PL to meet your service commitments.

We’ll email you with a confirmation of your subscription. For more information fill out our contact form or call A 4PL can manage the complex chain of custody requirements and delivery schedules to meet physician’s requirements and reduce inventory costs.

To meet regulatory requirements, devices must be tracked throughout every step of the process with a verifiable chain of custody. What 4PL is, is still heavily debated, and there are other definitions out there, but here is one of the more popular ones. A single view of inventory gives the retailer the power to allocate inventory and meet customer demand regardless of the status or location of the inventory. Best Practices, Trends, News, and Tips! This third party comes into play as an intermediary or manager between the other two parties.

As companies transition their supply chain model to forward deployment or decentralized distribution, a 4PL partner can step in and manage that complexity. Subscribe for MAI Updates If you would like to receive periodic news from MAI, please click here to subscribe to be added to our email distribution list.


Companies with extensive field service operations, no matter if they’re strictly internal or offer services to clients, will benefit from 3PL partnerships. Whether you’re direct-to-consumer or offering service-level agreements to business-to-business partners, you know that overnight delivery or close to it is what your customers expect.

Third Party (3PL) and Fourth Party (4PL) Logistics: What’s the Difference?

The days of the million-square-foot super regional DC may be over, as companies opt for shared warehouse space near major customer centers to speed up responsiveness. The 1PL approach is typically used by large companies that have the volume and infrastructure to manage their entire supply chain internally. Perhaps the most significant caveat is 3pll lack of direct oversight and control. What is Vendor Managed Inventory? Most 3PLs offer a bundle of integrated supply chain services, including: A 4PL company does not stop at outsourcing logistics services but also outsources the management of said services.

3PL vs 4PL: What are these PLs, Anyway? Layers of Logistics Explained

In addition to a distribution or fulfillment service, you’ll also have a layer of technology and expertise that a traditional 3PL warehouse doesn’t have. Disadvantages of 3PL While the 3PL model has been successful for decades, there are some things to consider.

A 3PL may or may not have its own assets, such as trucks and warehouses. MAI has proven to be an excellent outsourced solution and a true business partner. In some cases, a 4PL may be loglstics as a joint venture or long-term contract between a primary client and multiple partners, often to manage logistics for specific locations or lines of business.

A freight forwarder who works efficiently with excellent information flow and is always aware of your cargo status can be a trusted and valued resource. Let me know in the betwwen below. Forward-deployed inventory can serve both physical locations and e-commerce fulfillment. A 4PL company, on logustics other hand, arranges the same services and more for a client but does so by employing companies such as 3PL companies, who use their vast network of carriers and warehousing providers.