Aristalife has its own agarwood plantation in Kerala,India. The stages of agarwood plantation starts from identifying seed bearing Aquilaria trees to storing of the. In plantation forestry, it is essential to carefully assess the ecological conditions at the planting and to assess whether a potential species will survive and grow. AGAR PLANTATION About Us The importance of agar wood for many uses has long been recognized. Agar wood is also considered the world’s most valuable.

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With the inoculation technique, the natural process that took decades could be done in a very short period of time. Chamfer the circumference of culltivation hole to improve water catchment 9. Our artificial inoculation process does not include any chemicals but fungal inoculation. By this method, the resin formation in trees occurs within short times.

Cover the agardood and chamfer the cimcumference to improve water catchment. Mixing the mixture to small particle possible.

It grows at elevations from a few meters above sea level to about meters, with approx. Bhutan should come with a policy to promote the cultivation of Agar by inviting investors across the globe. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Agar Plantation – Bharat Nursery

May agarwlod, at 3: By using these organisms via methods developed by TERI, agarwood production could be agqrwood in Aquilaria tree within 3 months of infection as against years in natural infection conditions. Agarwood is commercially viable because of its uses in medicines, incense and production of oil. In Egypt and Japan, Agar wood was used to embalm dead bodies.


The objective of this website is to give thorough information concerned with agar wood, and summarize the findings of the state-of-the-art research on agar wood. Planting method In plantation forestry, it is essential to carefully assess the ecological conditions at the planting and to assess whether a potential species will survive and grow. There are a number of popular species but typically aquilaria malaccensis, aquilaria agallocha or Aquilaria crassna are used to make the oil.

For the early production of agarwood, the inducer needs to be injected into the xylem of Aquilaria.

Planting method | Gaharu 沉香 Agarwood

The fungus Melanotus flavolivens has successfully been used to induce artificial formation cultivatiln Agarwood in Aquilaria sinensis in vivo tree.

Aquilaria can grow on a wide range of soil types, marginal land and under different conditions. Coco peat has great oxygenation properties. Agar wood Beads made from grown-up trees is another area of its usability. Chamfer the circumference of planting hole to improve water catchment.

Technology is available across the table. With kind regards, Jibin Thomas.

Export of Agarwood would be allowed only when agarwwood research has credible proof on its commercial viability. TERI has identified specific microbes that have capacity to induce production of agarwood through artificial infection methods.

Planting method

It is having very good potential and climatic conditions of Bhutan are very much suitable for Agar Cultivation. The study helped understanding the mechanism of agarwood formation in wounded trees, which is crucial to establishing an efficient induction method for agarwood.


Cutting or burning may be one way to inoculate fungi naturally in the wood tissues of vivo tree. AgarwoodPlantations International Tags: Bhutan govt should look into this matter seriously. A good number of useful substances can be produced from Agarwood. On the distribution level—the oil is cut with other oils or synthetic chemicals are added to attempt to agrwood the scent.

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This website your browser does not support. On the other hand, forests are now receiving more and more attention from international society because profound appreciation on the function of forest has increased over the years. Remove polybag and place seedling into the planting hole.

As the researches are going on, it is expected that we can earn huge income from the international marketing of agarwood products in the immediate future itself. March 11, at Second Indo-Russia Joint Call Often it can even be a different but similar species of tree. Agar wood also contains anti-oxidative properties agardood help to prevent the aging process. Sgarwood it is found, the propagation process must take place at the time of the seed maturing.