20 May Reading the ACIM Urtext There is considerable debate in the ACIM community about which version of the text and workbook students. 13 Jan The Urtext Manuscripts predate all other editions of the . a “definitive edition” of A Course in Miracles with a dedication to accuracy being a. Later in that same year, an even earlier version, called the Urtext, also became available on the Internet. Both versions showed that the Course as we knew it.

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For one thing, as Robert Perry has correctly pointed out, it abounds in specifics. So what we had at that point we all felt was exactly the way Jesus wanted it — that the material that did not belong was not left in. How would you like it if you went through the whole urtexg of writing a book, had it published, and then someone stole your first draft, put it out illegally on the Internet, and then claimed that this was the right version of the book, and that you were selling the wrong version?

But it does not read well because of these factors.

We talked to legal authorities at the Library, who were outraged. For a number of reasons, none of this material belonged in the published version. Cindy and Gary teaching this year at the University of Toronto.

I mean, aren’t all preferences in this area different forms of the same mistake? Armed with that information, some people subsequently and unlawfully removed the manuscript from the A. The miracle is a certain kind of forgiveness that comes from a place urtexy cause and not effect. And then there was the penultimate version, which was the version I saw when I met Helen and Bill. Basically it is used to symbolize the beginning of something.


And, of course, sex between bodies is no more real than the bodies themselves. In the meantime, we’ll be doing acij least a couple of Retreats next year, along with our many other appearances, which I’ll let you know more about in the fall.

First of all, I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know two of the original members of FIP, Ken who made his transition a year and a half ago and Judy. Healed perception or the forgiven world shows the sameness of all perception, reflecting the wholeness of the Christ Idea. Urtet did a good job. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Dorkys. We all know the outline, right?

ACIM Urtext

Much of the Urtext was edited out of the standard, published edition by Ken Wapnick and Helen under Jesus’ instructions, and with good reason. Are we to believe that Jesus was somehow strangely absent during the three times that Helen channeled and re-typed the Course over the period of years in between?

It has also been falsely stated and believed by many that Ken Wapnick edited the final version of the Course. Again, as I just mentioned, interspersed with the actual urtetx was a great deal of personal material that Jesus was giving to help Helen accept what was happening, to help her relationship with Bill.

The early versions bleed into one another in ways that we are still figuring out. I’ve met and worked with the person who urfext that book, and incredibly she said in public, on stage, “I do not believe the world is an illusion. In one sense, I think this is what happened with Helen.

Question – Questions & Answers

The word “ur” comes from the biblical story of Abraham, who was born in Ur of the Chaldees. The material that was really meant only for Helen and Bill — about Cayce and Freud, for example — was taken out, because it did not belong there. BTW, if you’d like to see more about my thoughts on all of this, you can read my article about the last Conference in New York City as well as the other editions of the Course at my website here:.


She was incredibly accurate when her ego was not in the way, however, and that is why the pure teaching of the Course is what it is.

The people who were now in possession of the illegally obtained material—the notebooks, Urtext and Hugh Lynn Version—had it scanned or retyped, and have made it available on the Internet and elsewhere for purchase. But, unfortunately, what is still there has some of the awkwardness of phrasing and style, as well the gaps that were left when the personal material was taken out.

It feels right and natural to do that. The court case was concluded in and the copyright was declared invalid. Briefly — since most of you know the story — Helen had written down the dictation from Jesus in notebooks. Well one could not ask for a better answer to that question aci, to have been given a better way of relating to another person: Anyway, I just thought you and your readers might find that interesting.